As Rwanda goes for UNSC for the 2nd time, the truth shall prevail irrespective of the pressure

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Opinion, Politics


Reuter’s Agency recently boasted to have leaked a confidential report by the UN group of experts of which Rwanda was not only accused for several times abetting and aiding M23 rebel group In the two Kivus, but also that its senior army officers issue direct orders to the mutinous group.

The leaked report did not only state Rwanda for fuelling insecurity in Congo, but for the first time it mentioned Uganda as a safe haven for rebels’ reorganizations.

Shortly after the publication the two governments, as it has been in the past, vehemently denied and rebutted the fabricated report and accusations saying that Steve Hege and his GoE are in a determined political campaign opposed to resolving the true causes of conflict in Eastern DRC.

May be Uganda might have been dragged into false accusations that give reference to instability in the DRC for the first time, may be Uganda should refer to Rwanda on how to counter-fight such political driven approaches that bully powerless countries.

But one thing for sure that Rwanda has learnt for scores of years ago is not only the spirit of endurance against such defective blames but the resistance to different nature of international pressures.

Back in 2004 Rwanda faced it rough under the Jean Louis Bruguiere’s report which was leaked to a French paper ‘Le Monde’ accusing the current Rwandan leaders to have shot down the former president Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane.

Bruguiere went ahead and demanded the UN Rwanda Tribunal to prosecute Kagame for the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana; two years after, he sought an indictment and issued an international warrant against a dozen members of Kagame’s inner circle, on which the former Presidential chief protocol Rose Kabuye was arrested in Germany and detained in France.

Rwanda, busy then, repairing broken systems took an addendum moment and fought back the controversial judge; first it put to hold its diplomatic relations with France, second it confuted the report with another report which named ‘Mutsinzi report,’ a move that pave a way for yet another third and final report of Trevidic that put to an end the Bruguiere saga.

The country fell into yet another pressure and strong criticisms when it arrested Victoire Ingabire’s former American lawyer Peter Erlinder over genocide ideology and divisionism, countries surprised then on how Rwanda could arrest such an international figure, stood up in arms and accused Rwanda to breach, deny and or hinder democracy and political space.

The recent Steve Hege’s report is no different to those of Bruigieres and other reports aiming at turning down the powerless and vulnerable countries like Rwanda and Uganda.

In fact, similar to Bruguiere, those reports are thought to be and will always be proven beyond reasonable doubts that they are baseless with flawed methodologies; biased and have unilateral sources of information.

As a matter of fact Rwanda has not only chosen to rebut such fabricated allegations, it has started to consider different other measures like probing into hidden motives that might be behind people like Bruguiere and Hege.

The Bruguiere saga might have been put to rest, but Steve Hege’s his won’t be taken for granted; Rwanda is considering a court case, as he might not only be campaigning for his egocentric desires, but also a strong partner and or a supporter of FDLR group.

In such case Steve Hege is not entitled to such a position and would consequently be subjected to court cases over different charges proposed by different courts.

In a recent exclusive interview in ‘Metro’, a New York based publisher, Rwandese foreign affairs minister Louise Mushikiwabo said that they employed the Washington, D.C., law firm Akin Gump to review Mr. Hege’s prior writings on Rwanda.

Mushikiwabo said that the fact-based evidence, which was vetted by Akin Gump and submitted to the Security Council, in the case of Hege, is damning in the extreme and should have disqualified him from taking the position as coordinator of the Group of Experts in the first place.

As mentioned earlier Rwanda has tied boots longtime ago, it has worked different miles full of snares and traps, it has got used to it and the longer it works the tougher it becomes.

Whether Uganda will walk the same route after being  accused for the first time in such unfair games, we all know it is untrue and the two countries should not give up for honoring their home based solutions for different challenges and confrontations.

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