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‘The journey of a long mile begins with a single step’ so goes an adage! Home preparations aside the journey started on a wet tone, normally I jump on a Moto riding to the airport, in that afternoon, Kigali’s El Nino, angry and torrential as it looked  was almost sweeping away the city.
Assessing the situation I decided to call my father for a ride to the airport, I was supposed to bring gadgets for him anyway, I had more than one reason to do so, I wouldn’t miss this one, I mean the plane; eventually he accepted and we drove to the airport, still raining heavily; as soon as we got to the main entrance, I got out of the car to pick a parking ticket, the police could not even help, it was raining cats and dogs.
I swallowed my pride and reached out to the machine to pick the ticket before we proceed to departure gates, oh! Actually its only one gate, our airport is one of the smallest but well organized, too much security though, you screen twice both at the entrance and past immigration.
My first time to board Qatar, this time the flight was international, so I had to be two hours before; of course travelers were minimal in numbers, you could count them on your fingers, this justifies why our economy is still small. South East Asia is where the businesses are sealed; having a small number of people going there, the journey to develop a strong economy has horizons to mount.
At the Airport, people ready to depart to Western Africa, I think Ghana, despite their flights schedule being changed every 30 minutes, many were getting angry and hungry, frustrated, they complained openly in their usual style about services. Whilst Bourbon Coffee had decided to treat them to snacks and juices some were tired and pissed-off by inefficient services.
This massive huge guy is working on a Power Point Presentation, Yes!I saw it because I peeped on his screen while he was shouting at the waiter who is such slow not to have seen people calling for snacks; any way the four small zones at the transit room were clouded with so many passengers making it hard for the snack boy to know those already served.
In any case we departed to Doha via Entebbe with Qatar Airways, the crew as usual looks perfect with an Arab touch, slim figured, white and Arabic girls in nice hats and in red outfits, flashing out that white smile of “Welcome aboard Qatar Airways, Thank you!” in Arabic small but childish tone.
Rwanda’s airport is smaller and located on a hillside which makes it nearly impossible to look around, but in Entebbe we saw many cargo being loaded in the plane ahead of a 6 hour flight as I watched through the window. At Entebbe I wondered why we need to upscale our exports strategy, the sector is walking on baby steps; these guys were loading tons of fresh vegetables and fruits, I even saw sugar canes, who eat African sugar cane in Asia? relatives abroad starving for African sugar canes may be.
The flight was so long and tiresome, these bu-flight attendants kept serving hot meals and sandwiches, by the way, work has never been easy for these beauties, the group normally headed by a chieftain is made of those in charge of food, the flight indoor organization and those who can attend to unwell passengers, the intensive 6 months training course is another occasion to learn a thing or two about medicine and or first aid lessons.
Just by looking at them in their uniforms outside the airport one might think it’s a prestigious work to do, mind you these girls work until they sweat and the makeup is melted, you can imagine pushing every after 30 minutes a container full of food and drinks and talk to every passenger on what should be served in cover-up diplomatic expressions.
The group’s number normally depends on the size of the plane and members of the crew must be multilingual to avoid language barriers when interacting with travelers, under normal circumstances recruitment process follow a number of things including variety of nationalities.
Hamad International airport from Doha, like any other oil rich country in the Middle East, is colossal and impeccably beautiful; you can see those savanna trees in the terminals as you walk on flat elevators to reach a certain gate.
As soon as you disembark from the plane, its mixture of weather, cocktailed ocean winds blowing from the sea together with the Jet fuel air propelled from reactors, on the other hand it’s a bit hot just like any other desert countries.
Voluminous as it is, capable of handling almost thousands of travelers at once; to those connecting to different locations across the world, checking and screen are effected in the most efficient and rapid way, such that no passenger is left behind and or misses a plane due to the formalities on top of the gigantesque size of the Airport itself.
There we go, till I find myself in the corner of the airport waiting for an Airbus that will deliver us to Incheon International airport in Seoul –South Korea. We were supposed to fly past midnight and I managed to charge my cell phone that was running out batteries; yeah because I was using the phone to take photos and chat on Whatsapp, if u see what I am saying…!!
Thanks to Zuckerberg for such a 21 century technology, I imagined a period with no viable communications; there I could take pictures and send them immediately to my loved ones, I managed to take some at Doha, although I had no time to post them on the social media though.
The Midnight hour stroke, boarding announcements were buzzing in transits. Let me say this I never had a chance to be in France , but I felt sorry for non-English speakers, it is a language of business, If you don’t speak Arabic or English, you are a lost soul in the middle of the desert.
It reminds me of a day I had to fill forms for a Congolese friend of mine, whom we flew together to Nairobi, he could only speak French, Lingala and little Swahili, of course I had to keep explaining all announcements, I equally remember of a Somali father flying from South Africa with a family, my help to clear with immigration formalities, I almost missed my Taxi, but the Somali father has always been grateful, I regret I didn’t take a picture with his beautiful children…’Do good and go,’ says Kinyarwanda adage.
I am yet to know why I was getting window seats, as many would like, not that I insisted during the checking but these guys gave me the same seats during the entire round trip, they sensed I had to look around, and I liked it, I could peep out and admire other countries aerial views.
We boarded yet another monumental Airbus, that one my campus friends would call it Rutemikirere/ the sky cruiser, the one that handles every harsh weather possible and swallows miles like a monster.
Day one in Seoul….to be continuedIMG_3599.JPG

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