‘Elimu ni Nguvu’…so is Mugenda!!

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
Prof Oliva Mugenda

Prof Olive Mugenda wa Mugenda

It should be #MugendaMegaLegacy not anything else, I am not going into her bio and mention that she came from a humble background who earned her academic profile having done hospitality, unlike many, but let me stress this, Professor Olive Mugenda, on top of her other orders and decorations, should get a Global Gender Champion Award for hauntingly transforming the old toning Kenyatta University, into a state of the art varsity.

This is my take from the circulated social media buzz against my former VC,……

Under her leadership I have never seen infrastructural booming in one place like I did when I was a student at KU, she is the really mason, very charismatic, her audacious but intellectual smile kept business on the move at that Campus, doubts on this would simply be dullard dumbness.

Thus, opening a campus seeking to extend wing in other countries is not a capital offense that should call for dubious summoning by PIC; whereas it is all in the interests of both the country and the region, plus, not that the interuniversity council has opposed the move.

Observation of EAC protocols should be applied, not mere and cheap politics around the same card of corruption, we can’t label every single and hard thought move a corruptive one.

I personally have visited the Kigali Campus, the premises, the furnitures, the structures in place, etc. all was set for the upcoming intake, but Pouhhhh…..!!!! all comes at a standstill, what the PIC should have done was a simple fiducially audit report to assess how much was at stake,  notwithstanding what the University should have contributed to the ambitiously growing Rwanda.

My former class mates and fellow Rwandese who attended that school cannot be more than grateful on the acquired skills but most importantly how we felt so integrated and part of Kenyan society, we were so challenged to keep the pace albeit our sluggish background, if that is what people call corruption, then we should edit all dictionaries.

I can’t imagine how often, some of us felt we wouldn’t make it through ‘brain’ stretching studies, but we finally made it, ni t’etait votre clairvoyance Madame Prof et votre leadership , we would have returned shamefully home empty handed.

I know my love for Kenya is so endless just like its corruption, but let’s give credit where it is due, Mugenda under your auspice some of us  made quite a  progress, I could never have imagined, some of us have seen what serving the future is all about and how it begins as early as today.

Bakuleke, you inspired a lot, leaders, youngsters but more importantly women, who could have ever imagined that President Obama, in a pool of other universities Kenya endows, KU would have been chosen to host YALI.

I am writing this with passion, because there is no single school in my life that I have never felt so connected like KU despite lows during my studies, I owe a lot to that Campus, just like many of other alumni and parents whose students have grown into very responsible and bull brown agents of change in their societies.

‘Elimu Ni Nguvu’ so goes KU Motto. I would add Prof Mugenda ni Nguvu.

That said long live Mugenda and Kenyatta University.

Truly yours ‘MuRwanda’



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