Tales of Obama’s clemency,… he heard you folks (Blacks)

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Uncategorized


When you are a convict for a lesser penalty, least you hope is freedom; blames have been piling that Obama did little or nothing to black communities, Ignorant that I am, I have come to learn that he granted clemency to around 700 convicts, many of them being blacks.

This post is in response to: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/08/30/obama-commutes-sentences-of-111-inmates-setting-record-for-a-single-month/?utm_term=.1a159b57edec;


Put yourself in the shoes of a mother whose son was languishing in prisons simply because a verdict went wrong, it might be complicity to a murder or a drug cartel. it becomes pitiable when arrested by a merciless white cop, whose thinking towards black peeps can’t go beyond, “They are wrong, ‘them Niggas Ain’t know nothing, they are trouble makers, f**k em’, why the hell those people are here anyway?”

Well the mother’s breath of sigh will cure or reduce pain by a mere sight of seeing the son coming out of prison and is home free, in the process of uniting back with the boy she will plunge back in the labor endured before birth. In Kinyarwanda one adage sums this feeling better, ‘Ibyaye Ikiboze Irakirigata’; ‘umwana ujya iwabo ntabara Iminsi’

You remember the story of the prodigal son; I am making reference to that, despite my failure to connect the above sayings to the context of the story.

But, let us continue…… for convicts whose verdicts were life imprisonment or death sentence, how would it feel to be granted freedom that unshackle those chains, believe me I once was ushered in compound of a prison and I know the price of freedom.

There are hardcore bigheaded guys outside there, who (after pardon) will transverse back to commit offenses whose penalties might come a lot more harshier, and in that sense you wonder whether blaming the judge who might have exhausted all means  possible to deliver justice, is the right thing to do.

To come back to my point, Obama, yes, is  a white man in a black skin or if you like a metisse one, but, we wouldn’t have raised much expectations that clearing black folks concerns was substantial agenda on his docket the first time he sat in oval office, such thinking is lame, immature and sick.

Now for those who think he didn’t do much, he will have his time to showcase achievements, believe me he will be more articulate than some of the famous writers I know, we all know him when it comes to eloquence, but the least he could do was to free black folks/inmates who wanted to reintegrate back in societies.

I don’t want to go back into rhetorics of how financially America was before his tenure, the broken foreign policy and how as a redeemer (that is what they say) he mend the broken economy and filled the then widening gaps, but let us agree he tried the best despite challenges, reads intrigue and conspiracy from the leftists.

The recent spark and or wave of violence against black communities by some rogue elements in the white folks, to me seemed a teaser which have challenged his capacity as a leader of one of the strongest countries in the world, but we should give him benefits of doubts, ……. let us meet him over a glass of beer and he will tell us more.

I will come back to this blog post later, but like the bible says there is more pleasure in giving than receiving, Obama gave clemency, pardon, sentence commutation, name it the way you want but he will receive more, watch the space.

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