At 58 thou art more Lovely and temperate

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

I want to borrow my friend’s quote and use it to describe children’s ‘all time’ love towards their beloved, it reads like this: “I could write page after page about how much I love her, give me the ink of two oceans and I would still need more ink.”

Okay, here we go ….. upon her request, today, I drove her to church as early as 6h00 , its her usual morning sermon at Centre Christus in Remera, she is accustomed to that , anything less than that can’t make her day any better.

She is an independent woman, a liberal mother but a submissive wife, a sister to some, an aunt and soon to be grandmother, yeah you see who I am talking about, Shakespeare in his ‘sonnet 18’ describes you better than me.

Needless to say, she is the last to bed at home, not because of soap opera shows on Telemundos, I know she is an ardent fan, but she normally hangs on for other chores, putting everything else to order to avoid messy mornings, ….guess what her traditional alarm puts her up by 4h’45 in the morning, what a woman.

Indeed, I can scribe you  till ink seas run dry, Yet,  58 year-you are still young, beautiful and strong…thanks to being vegetarian and an organic foodie; Yeah…she prefer walking on foot, she once used to drive herself before her Germany Monster caught fire, a car she rarely used , …… watch out, she fumes when one can’t even walk 2 miles, laziness can be intolerable.

Her charisma and discipline has kept her boat sailing through hurdles, oh!! did I say that she took programming course in IT, when her first born, was completing his high school, to add to her other degrees, we told her she was a bit old to enroll for such daring courses, when we woke up, she was a Melbourne IT engineer.

Known by her siblings to have a memory of an elephant, she reminds us not only of our birthdays, but all our patronal feast days, she has all these things at finger tips like a 3 year old nursery pupil reciting a vocalic song about names of months in a year or 27 alphabetic letters.

Now, fewer are people who are not proud of their mothers, that I know, this life has never been short of surprises, neither did I forget those without them because of different reasons, genocide against Tutsis included, but Mum, the fact that I have you, I have everything and I owe it to God.

To cut the story short before I start to derail, I simply wanted to wish you a happy birthday, blessings in Galore, keep being the light of the family;  Rodrigue, Diane, Roger, Clement, Lysette and Cynthia, we are all very proud of you, mere words can’t explain what you mean to us.

By the way Mum, I am running out of words, I have never been better with languages anyway, I accidentally turned into a lousy one, but still I aspire to be better, La Lutta Continua.

Happy Born day Mum, I keep the rest for my book (In the making).

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