The Pâques that was,..a self-resurrection

Posted: May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

On the eve of the Easter, after a long tiring day with Mum, from a commemoration, I drove her to church; the services were slated late in the night.We left many at home going to sleep, my father couldn’t even believe we were going to church, anyway we went to Centre Christus, where many had gathered in style to observe and celebrate Easter.

As we were all squeezing to the entrance after a short moment of tribute to the Vierge Marie, a statute that ushers believers inside the church, Mum was calling…., Rodrigue….Rodrigue, I turned around to find out the matter.

She was there standing amongst many with a big lit candle, I reached up to her and she handed me the candle-light. “I couldn’t find the cheapest,” she said. I grabbed the candle and proceeded to another entrance. I wanted to ask what about her, but in hurry she disappeared in clouds trying to get a sit in front rows of the church benches.

For those who do not know much about Catholic Church rituals, on the eve of Easter, devotees carry out candle and lit them as a symbol of new life, Jesus did the same when, after resuscitation, he appeared in splendid light to Marry (ies) who had come to the tomb looking for him. Well he was not there and the tomb was empty, he had risen among the ‘deads.’ Resurrection is equated to light emerging from deep darkness.

A friend of mine recently questioned why westerners celebrate Easter with Eggs and Bunnies; to my surprise I came to learn that eggs just like bunnies are closest symbols to a bound-life and or a new life, to put it in plain a resurrection.

I sat in the bank benches adjacent to the exit of the church, with my candle well-lit still, I was so overjoyed to hold one of the biggest candle while many in the church held small ones but lit as well.

As a son I was happy to have been given such a light from Mum, I was not alone though, there was a nun sitting just in front of me and we would share fun of lighting faded candles, some could not sustain the lit-any longer out of the wind blowing from corners of the church.

Despite fatigue, church sermons were superb, there were quite a series of rituals to observe and the priest was very outspoken and humorous, as a matter of facts, he decided to lead Eucharistic celebration randomly without telling believers how it would entirely proceed.

With a mixture of jokes the priest signed-off the services inviting everybody to be the light of the world and to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

From the seven scripts in the old testament which were loudly read and two more other evangiles of Jean and Paul, the priest drew a line of what resurrection meant, and my take then was more connected to the journey of Israelites from the servitudes in Egypt.

Previously I happen to have been reading the book of exodus, a very telling book in the Bible, and when the priest preached on the journey to communicate transition from slavery into freedom in the Canaan country, I couldn’t ask for more spiritual food then.

The compassion felt on the Easter Monday, before sleep were even more enthusiastic and I felt heavily God’s presence than any other day in my life, shortly after like two gracious hours in the presence of God, I stretched myself, eyes fixing the ceiling and an tankful of ideas emerged  and loaded in my mind.

It definitely has not been like any other Easter but I feel to have let this one sunk deep in my conscious and the joy that I felt that day gave birth to freedom and incomparable happiness.

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